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Thursday, March 5, 2015 : Been Awhile LBillman
Been awhile since the last news post!Things are progressing very smoothly in the guild. We have had several old guildies rejoin us from their wow break.

The whole guild has been pitching in very effectively to help each other out whether it's a question in guild chat, mats needed, gear needed, help with an instance, or help with an evasion. There is much more then that of course but the point is we could not have progressed as far as we have without the help of each other so a BIG THANK YOU to all those who have been helping out in the guild, you guys truly make a difference!

Speaking of progression, our raiding is doing great! This week we got two new bosses down in BRF and are very close to getting the next one down, wonderful job raiders! I have upped the guild bank repairs for those who are raiding due to the progression pushing we are doing.

Please remember the bank is there for the whole guild so don't hesitate to put in a request for something or if you have the ability pull it out yourself. If you have any questions about what you can have feel free to ask Thank you guys for being such an amazing guild!

Thursday, January 29, 2015 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOP!!! LBillman
Hey guys, something very exciting is happening February 5th! The guild turns ten years old!!! It’s been a long journey but you guys have been great Since it is such a momentous occasion we are going to celebrate it with games and lots of prizes! It will be held Thursday Februray 5th from 8pm server till 10pm server. Here is the plan:

We start with a fashion show so grab your best transmogs! We will be judging in the categories of horror, beauty, gallant, and mismatched.
Next we will adorn the actual items that created those wonderful transmogs and take them down to AQ 40/20 to revel in memories long past.
We will wrap up with the voted #1 game from the Guild Fun Nights; DARTS!!!

I look forward to seeing you all Thursday evening!
Friday, January 2, 2015 : HAPPY NEW YEAR! LBillman
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I hope everyone has had a great holiday and is ready to get back to our normal schedule. Group 1 will be raiding on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be running Old Raids on Thursday.

Soon (not sure exactly when) we will be splitting up our raiders into a “Serious Group” and a “Casual Group”. The decision who will go into what group will be based on gear, dps, heals, hp, raid awareness and preparation, dedication, and consistency. Slag and I are welcome to opinions of who should go in what group but we will be making the final decision.

In other news, February 5th is the guild’s 10th anniversary!!! I would like to do something special, whether it’s a gift to you guys or a special event or something. I am looking for ideas, please send me (Slagorette) an in-game mail with your idea!

Thursday, December 4, 2014 : Old Raid Nights LBillman
Congrats LoP on downing the first two bosses in Highmaul!!! We had a wonderful group of 15 people who have been working super hard on their gear, keep it up! Since we are still getting our raiding feet under us for this expansion we are going to change our "NORM" nights to "Old Raid" nights. So, every Thursday we will do old raids and I will be handing out pets at the end of the raid to the roll winners. We will NOT be raiding Christmas day. NTF is working hard on getting their raiders to 100 and geared so until further notice Not The Face is canceled on Fridays and Sundays. I will let you know as soon as they pick up again Keep up the good work LoP!

Monday, November 17, 2014 : HAPPY HUNTING!!! LBillman
Wow has it been a busy start to the expansion! Grats to all of those new 100s we have out there! The first guildy to reach 100 was Tekh at 8:30pm server expansion day. In other news, I will be clearing out some old toons, nothing to worry about. Toons that have not been played in 3 years or more will be removed from the guild. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Until next time, HAPPY HUNTING!!!

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